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Personalized medicine is the future of medicine. With the power of SpectraCell we are able to draw your blood either in office or at a local lab and send it to SpectraCell’s advanced lab. SpectraCell will use their advanced technology to test your sample to give us a more complete picture of your health. These personalized results will allow us to customize a roadmap for your own needs and deficiencies.

With the ability to identify your own personal deficiencies on a cellular and micronutrient level, we will be able to develop a personalized treatment plan. Gone are the days of guessing which nutrient or vitamin you might be deficient in, we now have a targeted approach to your health. This will help us prevent chronic diseases and manage the aging process.

SpectraCell has four categories of testing: Nutritional (Micronutrient), CardioMetabolic, Genetics and Hormones. The micronutrient testing allows us to test your nutritional levels, immune system function and anti-oxidant function. With these results we can create a personalized treatment plan to optimize your health and only replace the vitamins and minerals you require.

The CardioMetabolic test will give us a more detailed picture of your glycemic control, lipid profile and vascular inflammation. The most recent research is showing that its not just about your cholesterol levels, but how we metabolism the cholesterol and how the smaller cholesterol particles can create inflammation. Inflammation is proving to be one of the keys to the aging process. Its not just about what we eat or put into our bodies, it is how your own body metabolizes these substances. We will create a more customized picture of your own metabolism so we can tailor a treatment plan for you.

Genetics plays a large role in our metabolism, aging and overall health. If you are able to characterize your genetic profile, this will allow you to make the most targeted changes in your every day life. We can create personalized treatment plans, so you stop wasting money on medications and life style changes that aren’t benefiting you.

Schedule a free consultation today so we can plan your personalized medicine journey. Get better results, because you know what your own body requires.


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