Non-Opioid Pain Therapies

Non-Opioid Pain Therapies

Have you been experiencing pain that is not allowing you to enjoy your normal activities? Are you a weekend warrior with aches and pains? Let Restorative Care determine which treatment is best for you. After a physical and consultation we will be able to recommend the best treatment to get you back to feeling your best! Don’t forget we also offer Dry Needling and Cupping Therapy to help you recover!

Stem Cells Phoenix

Stem Cell Derived Tissue

How can stem cell derived tissue help you with your pain and nagging injuries? Utilizing this cutting edge medical technology we can help stimulate your body’s own healing process. We can combine it with PRP therapy or with our Dry Needling to help you recover quicker.

Dry Needling

What is Dry Needling? Although it utilizes acupuncture needles, it uses a different approach. We work from the inside-out trying to determine which structures are not functioning properly to cause your pain. Sessions last about 20-30minutes and most people feel pain relief after the first session.

Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections

Experiencing tight muscles in your neck, upper and lower back? This Procedure uses medication (a local anesthetic and a steroid- if needed) to calm a muscle that is unable to relax and is causing pain. The continued muscle contraction can irritate the local nerve and cause pain in other areas of your body.

Tennisgolf elbow injections

Tennis/golf elbow injections

Are you experiencing pain at your elbow when you rotate your arm while playing tennis or with your follow through while playing golf?

Shoulder injections

Shoulder injections

Been working out and experiencing shoulder pain when lifting weights or when putting things away on the top cabinet?

Knee Pain

Knee injections

Experiencing knee pain that is worse with activity and better with rest? Is it inhibiting you from being active?

How can Regenerative Medicine Help your pain?

Regenerative Medicine has been gaining attention and for the right reasons. This field of medicine utilizing allograft (cells from another person) to help stimulate your own body’s healing ability. Utilizing Stem Cell Derived Tissue and Exosomes, we jump start your body’s healing process.

This is a process that involves a consultation, possible imaging and discussing with our patients about expectations. Sometimes it takes multiple treatments to help you heal and we want to make that clear to our patients.

There are multiple treatment options and sitting down with you to make sure you know your options is most important to us.

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